A little history…

Moshav Amirim was founded in November 1958 by a small band of dedicated visionaries who wished to establish a village where all its inhabitants would be vegetarian and vegan, and that would be ecologically clean – with no spray or chemical fertilizers.

The members of the group, most of whom were from the center of Israel, turned to the Jewish Agency who sent them to see many abandoned settlements. One of them was on Mount Mizpe Hayamim. Even though the place was neglected, with no roads, several dilapidated houses, and only a few isolated families living there – they saw, in their mind’s eye, the potential the place held and settled there.

During the first years, the villagers worked in jobs provided by the Jewish National Fund and the village and mountain turned green and flowered. They received the internal road as a gift in the Bar Miztvah there would be no commercial breeding of animals, and they refused to receive poultry coops from the Jewish Agency – the main source of income in other Moshavs on the mountain. The alternative arrived completely naturally. Because Safed and Mount Kana'an were the central tourist locations at the time, visitors to Safed would look out of the window of their bus and see Amirim on the way. Some of them came and asked for a room to sleep in. And thus rose the idea, supported by Member of Parliament Yisrael Guri, (yes, the father of Haim Gouri) who was a resident of Amirim and acted as chairman of the Finance Committee at the time.

Already from the beginning of the 1960’s the first guest houses were built (who had ever heard of the term “Tzimmer” then?) and the guests were called “Kaytanim” (vacationers) and thus Amirim became the first Moshav in Israel to provide rural tourism.

The place became exceedingly attractive for both vacationers and new members who joined. It grew and developed and became a source of inspiration, until today.

In the beginning of the 1990’s, Amirim was declared the first tourist village in Israel and money was invested by The Government Tourist Society, the Jewish Agency and the Merom Hagalil Regional Council to develop the entrance to the village, the village center and the amazing viewpoint overlooking the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). Thanks to the Minister of Tourism, Uzi Baram and his loyal advisor Yosef Avi Yair Engel (Jucha).

Today the village has grown and has around 160 households most of whom are connected to tourism with tzimmers, spas and spa treatments, restaurant services, galleries and tour guiding.

We receive our guests with great love and thoroughly enjoy hosting and sharing our treasures. The whole family takes care of the guest houses together and the children enjoy receiving our guests, providing them with different delicacies grown in our garden.

The family: Sarah and Yossi are the heads of the Peleg family tribe. They arrived in Amirim in 1972 and thanks to them we are all here.

Ophir, one of Sarah and Yossi’s sons, his wife Janet and the children share the house and the garden. Together we are a team, with each of us doing what they love to do and are good at.